The NAPS Mission...Lynton Land teaches Students

Northumberland, the "mother county" of Virginia's Northern Neck, has long stood as a symbol of serene beauty. The early settlers, watermen and farmers prospered in this pristine land and water. Patriots who created our nation were born and nurtured here. We have inherited a place that needs to be cherished and preserved for future generations.

The harmony we desire in the "Land of Pleasant Living" is threatened. Inappropriate building practices, neglected shorelines and careless boaters cause shoreline erosion. Poorly-maintained septic systems and over-fertilization have polluted our once clear and beautiful creeks and rivers. Abused wetlands no longer attract the abundance of migrating waterfowl, fish and crabs.

Through education, monitoring, and hands-on stewardship assistance, Northumberland County Association for Progressive Stewardship brings together farmers, watermen, businesses, educators, and other concerned citizens to help protect and enhance our unique quality of life.

NAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

Please join NAPS now. Northumberland is going to grow . . . help us help it grow with order and beauty.

History of NAPSNAPS Logo

NAPS was established in 1989 by Mary Lou Butler, Alexander M. (Mickey) Cochran, Meade Hinton, Jr., Dr. Burris Husman, Eugene E. Paulish and Shirley Smith. We all recognize that Northumberland County is going to grow. If we all join hands, we can help that growth take place "progressively," with order and beauty. We are all stewards of our environment, bearing responsibility for things that are not ours personally.

Over the years the focus of NAPS has evolved, reflecting the priorities of the membership and the Board. NAPS has taken positions on a variety of land use issues, including marinas, cluster homes, landfills, sewage sludge storage sites, and the spreading of urban sewage sludge on agricultural lands in the county. NAPS members also played major roles in helping to draft the 1996 and current re-writes of the county's Comprehensive Plan, and supported the new Northumberland High School/Middle School Campus.

NAPS Presidents:

Mickey Cochran 1989 - 1991
David Schriver 1991 - 1993
Mike Harwood 1993 - 1998
Randy Neal 1998 - 2001
Cary Caton 2002
Don Pumroy 2002 (acting president)
Lynton Land 2002 - 2006
Steve Tallent 2006-2011
Mike Ahart 2011 - 2012
Bill Estell 2012 - 2016
Lee Allain/Lynton Land 2016 - Present


Officers/Board of Directors

We urge you to email or call any Board member with your ideas or your concerns. You are invited to our monthly board meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Union First Market Bank in Burgess (formerly Northern Neck State Bank). If you want to place an item on the agenda, but can't attend, just pass it on to any Board member.


Co-President Lee Allain 804-529-5491
Co-President Lynton Land 804-453-6605
Co-Secretary Ida Hall 804-761-2342
Co-Secretary Shauna McCranie 804-580-8032
Treasurer Greg Haugan 804-580-2166

Board Members:

Member Until... Email Phone
Ida Hall 2017 804-761-2342
Lee Allain 2017 804-529-5491
Lynton Land 2017 804-453-6605
Greg Haugan 2018 804-580-2166
Jay Walker 2018 804-453-3271
Myrtle Phillips 2018 804-453-4493
Janice Mahoney 2019 804-580-3154
Shauna McCranie 2019 804-580-8032
Mike Ahart 2019 804-580-9289


Get Involved! Please email or call a committee chair to ask how you can help, whether on a regular basis or for a single event or project.

Committee Chair Email Phone
Adopt-A-Highway Janice Mahoney 804-580-8905
Education Myrtle Phillips 804-580-9289
Membership Greg Haugan 804-580-2166
Communications Jay Walker 804-580-9289
Fall Social (vacant)   804-580-2166