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NAPS Stewardship GuideNAPS Stewardship Guide

The NAPS “Stewardship Guide” is a 20-page brochure packed with information for homeowners on how to be good stewards of our county and waterways. NAPS has distributed this new informational reference to new property owners, POAs, and HOAs, and the "hard copy" is available by request to NAPS members and members of other environmental organizations (please contact a NAPS board member with your request). A download version is FREE for all...just click here!

The guide includes a simple county map showing the location of important features, and pages devoted to:

t's FREE! Download the NAPS Stewardship's full of helpful tips for homeowners.

Paddlers Guides

NAPS has prepared a “Paddler’s Guide to Northumberland County.” The tri-fold brochure consisting of the master map, with information on marinas, motels and museums, is being distributed at the libraries and other locations, and is available for download here. Five detail maps are available exclusively from You may download any or all of the maps for FREE! Continue to more details and download page...


NAPS issues a newsletter a few times each year to update its members on events and new issues. Click on the following link to download the latest issue of NAPS News:

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