School Programs

NAPS conducts and sponsors many educational programs for children and young adults, including scholarships, an outdoor classroom, nature trails, and preparatory seminars. NAPS also strongly supported the new school campus.

NAPS Scholarships

Each year NAPS grants scholarships to high school students to help with college costs. The number of scholarships has increased over the years. The Board of Directors decides each year the number of scholarships to be awarded and the amount of money given.

Click here for a list of scholarship recipients.

Outdoor Classroom and Nature Trails

Volunteers from NAPS and the Lions Club helped build an outdoor classroom overlooking the headwaters of Crabbe Mill Stream on the trail behind the elementary school, using grant money from the Chesapeake Bay License Plate fund. The 20 ft. x 30 ft. open structure and the adjacent trails are used for classes on ecology and nature. NAPS also sponsored the development of trails, bridges, and information kiosks behind the new High School/Middle School campus, constructed by Eagle Scout Troop 250.


NAPS volunteers hold frequent seminars on many topics, including nature studies, ecology, high school preparation and college preparation.