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The NAPS Mission...

Northumberland, the "mother county" of Virginia's Northern Neck, has long stood as a symbol of serene beauty. The early settlers, watermen and farmers prospered in this pristine land and water. Patriots who created our nation were born and nurtured here. We have inherited a place that needs to be cherished and preserved for future generations.


The harmony we desire in the "Land of Pleasant Living" is threatened. Inappropriate building practices, neglected shorelines and careless boaters cause shoreline erosion. Poorly-maintained septic systems and over-fertilization have polluted our once clear and beautiful creeks and rivers. Abused wetlands no longer attract the abundance of migrating waterfowl, fish and crabs.


About NAPS


NAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to:


  • Improving the environmental quality of the Chesapeake Bay

  • Advocating and monitoring sound land use policies

  • Preventing and/or reducing all forms of pollution

  • Promoting educational programs aimed at achieving these goals


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