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Attention Paddlers!

Did you know there are two dozen launch sites for canoes/kayaks/paddleboards between the Yeocomico River and Indian Creek? NAPS is publishing a free 2024 Paddler’s Guide to Northumberland County to be distributed soon. The tri-fold brochure contains the master map, with detailed information on the individual, downloadable PDF maps: Directions, contact info, experience-rated paddling routes, tide, weather & NOAA chart links, safety checklist, and stewardship guidelines. As with the 2010 guide, all are FREE!

Master Map

The Paddlers' Master Map shows launch sites, campgrounds, and other features, and outlines the areas covered by each of the detail maps and qr-codes for easy downloading. 

Detail Maps

Detail maps are designed to be taken on the go, and can be laminated or placed in a zipper bag and strapped aboard. They include additional information and more detail.

You may also download the trifold Paddler’s Guide to Northumberland County here – and click/tap for detailed map/guide for these waterways (links or map below):


The pdf should either appear in your web browser or  "Downloads" folder.

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