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Attention Paddlers!

Did you know there are 26 launch sites for canoes/kayaks between the Yeocomico River and Indian Creek? NAPS has prepared a “Paddler’s Guide to Northumberland County.” The tri-fold brochure consisting of the master map, with information on marinas, motels and museums, is being distributed at the libraries and other locations. You may also download each of the maps FREE!

Master Map

The Paddlers' Master Map lists marinas, campgrounds, and other information, and shows many launch sites on a map of Northumberland County. The map also outlines the areas covered by each of the detail maps. 

Detail Maps

Detail maps are designed to be taken on the water, and can be laminated or placed in a zipper bag and strapped aboard. They include additional information and more detail.

Click here, or on the main map area to download the Master Map, and/or click on any of the smaller areas for a detailed map (or the links below) for these rivers:


The pdf should either appear in your web browser, or download into your "Downloads" folder. (You may need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, display, or print the files...Click here to download a free version of Acrobat Reader).

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