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NAPS has many initiatives to educate and help residents, businesses, organizations, and government be good stewards of our land and water:

School Programs

NAPS conducts and sponsors many educational programs for children and young adults, including STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) projects, Eco-Tours, an outdoor classroom, nature trails, and preparatory seminars. NAPS also strongly supported the county's new school campus.


NAPS awards scholarships each year to deserving, college-bound Northumberland seniors. NAPS has also established a Scholarship Endowment Fund.


NAPS conducts and sponsors many educational programs for adult citizens in venues across the county, teaching environmental stewardship and raising awareness on issues that effect our county and threaten its unique quality of life.


NAPS publishes a quarterly newsletter, a Stewardship Guide for Homeowners, and a Paddler's Guide, as well as frequent informational flyers and brochures. Most of these are available free for download (use the links above) and at various locations in the county.

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