Stewardship Guide

The NAPS “Stewardship Guide” is a 20-page brochure packed with information for homeowners on how to be good stewards of our county and waterways.

The guide includes a simple county map showing the location of important features, and pages devoted to: 

  • Why our waterways are impaired

  • How to maintain septic systems

  • Best landscaping practices

  • Shoreline maintenance

  • The importance of marshes

  • How to enjoy the water responsibly

  • Where our domestic water is derived,

  • Links to important County, State and Federal agencies concerned with the Chesapeake Bay.

Paddler's Guide

Did you know there are 26 launch sites for canoes/kayaks between the Yeocomico River and Indian Creek? NAPS has prepared a “Paddler’s Guide to Northumberland County.” The tri-fold brochure consisting of the master map, with information on marinas, motels and museums, is being distributed at the libraries and other locations. You may also download each of the maps FREE!

Important Links

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