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'It’s Electric' – Earth Day EV Exhibit Draws a Crowd

It didn’t take long for crowds to gather around the centerpiece of the Earth Day Festival, one that might have left you humming the tune of the 1980’s hit “Electric Slide” – two shiny, fully-electric Tesla vehicles. Curious onlookers circled the cars and peered into each “frunk” – a second trunk space in the front of the vehicle made possible by the absence of an engine.

A white Tesla Model S and red Tesla Model 3 sit in the fairway of the Earth Day Festival, April 21, 2018, in Heathsville VA

Steve Ahart, owner of the red Model 3, exuded the enthusiasm of a kid with a new toy as he explained the many benefits of owning and driving an electric vehicle: “It’s nice to never have to fill up – I just plug in every night at home,” Ahart said. “Even long trips are pretty easy with all the fast-charging stations out there – after a few hours of driving we’re ready to take a break anyway – 15 to 30 minutes and you're back on the road.”

With support from his brothers, Ahart will set out in early May on a record-breaking road trip, the “Longest Journey by Electric Vehicle,” to promote EV awareness and raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America. Without using a drop of gasoline, Steve and older brother Dave, a baseball enthusiast, intend to visit every major league baseball park in America in less than a month – 30 parks in fewer than 30 days!

Younger brother Mike (NAPS President) is providing technology support by setting up and maintaining the project’s website: The site features more information about electric vehicles and the Boys and Girls Club; the travel schedule; a daily trivia contest, and more. Follow the brothers from Chicago's Wrigley Field to San Diego’s Petco Park as they raise awareness about electric vehicles and generate support for a great cause.

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