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NAPS Presents Five 2016 Scholarships

By Myrtle Phillips

Five Northumberland High School seniors received NAPS scholarships of $500 each during the Senior Recognition presentation ceremony at the High School Auditorium, June 2. The winners are Mary Hall, Zachary Hamilton, Kellee Ramsey, Korty Swift, and Macy Swift. Ordinarily, NAPS awards four scholarships, however, John and Sandy Henbest donated $500 to add one more.

The process begins with the scholarship application forms. School Guidance Councilor Melissa Hipple worked with the seniors to fill out the forms and to prepare for the interviews conducted by four NAPS representatives. She also coordinated the procedures with NAPS. There were 11 applications for the NAPS awards.

The interviews focused on high school grades, which were excellent, college interests, and most important community service. This year’s group clearly worked hard to get to the final selection.

All of the NAPS scholars had applied to colleges, usually three to four. They all listed Virginia colleges this year. Mary Hall was President, Zachary Hamilton was Vice-President, and Kellee Ramsey was Secretary of the Class of 2016. Hall spoke at the Senior Recognition program and Hamilton delivered the closing comments. Ramsey was part of the Class History Team.

You can help support NAPS Scholarships by contributing to the NAPS Endowment. Just mark your check “Scholarship” and the treasurer will allocate it to the proper account. Make the check payable to NAPS and mail to P.O. Box 567, Heathsville, VA 22473.

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