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NAPS Eco-Tour Expands

With an additional feature and careful timing, the student Eco-Tour June 8 funded by NAPS was doubled. A group of forty Northumberland Elementary School 5th graders took the tour that included a ride aboard the Kitt II, Danny Crabbe’s deadrise boat and an on-shore visit to the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum. The students were divided into two groups of 20, so that while one group was on the boat the other was at the museum and then they switched places.

On the Eco-Tour of Cockrell’s Creek the students pulled their own pots and visited Cockrell’s Seafood where they sampled some crab claws. At Omega Protein they learned about the menhaden industry and walked the historic streets of Reedville on the way to the Fishermen’s Museum.

The 5th graders found that learning about the ecology of the Bay and history of Reedville as a fishing port could be fun.

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