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NAPS Sponsors Dolphin Encounter for Elementary School, Sept. 19

In July, NAPS agreed to sponsor the Northumberland TAG student’s dolphin encounter scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Students in grades 2-8 will enjoy learning about and seeing dolphins in their natural habitat.

This Fall Field Trip to the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach features a boat trip that offers close-up observations of the marine environment and its inhabitants. When resources allow, they use a hydrophone (an underwater microphone) to listen for dolphins and whales. Trained Aquarium educators provide discussions about incredible natural dolphin behaviors, and share what is being done to conserve and protect the species and its habitat. Brown pelicans, bald eagles, and other seabirds are frequently sighted, along with sea turtles.

As leaders in coastal and marine environmental conservation, research, and preservation, the Virginia Aquarium’s Sea Adventures bring the ocean to the visitors. Since 1989, these boat trips have been staffed by knowledgeable marine educators engaging in responsible viewing practices, research, and conservation.

Their trips feature interpretation of the marine environment and animal behaviors, interactive and hands-on programming for children and adults, and the knowledge that you are helping protect and conserve these key species. The NAPS Board agreed that these goals are NAPS goals, as well.

Due to the generous donation from NAPS in the amount of $650 the Northumberland Elementary and Middle School students are able to take an unforgettable 90-minute excursion aboard the Atlantic Explorer to experience Virginia’s most common and charismatic marine mammal, bottlenose dolphins.

In addition to the boat trip, the students will get to explore over 800,000 gallons of one of the best aquariums and animal habitats in the country. They will experience hands-on exhibits, a nature path, and marshland exhibit. They will also see a National Geographic movie in 3D entitled The Galapagos.

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