Citizens Learn About “Solar in Northumberland” at NAPS Symposium and Annual Meeting

(6th-Grade Community Problem Solver Tre Booth describes the solar farm that is projected to save Middlesex County schools $2.6 Million over the next 25 years at the NAPS "Solar in Northumberland" seminar, Saturday Feb. 23 in Heathsville.)

The sun was nowhere to be seen, but that did not stop a crowd of over 60 attendees from learning about the benefits of solar energy at the “Solar in Northumberland” symposium hosted by the Northumberland Association for Progressive Stewardship (NAPS) on Saturday, February 23, 2019, in the Fellowship Hall at Heathsville United Methodist Church.

The two-hour program included presentations by solar homeowners, representatives from the solar industry, and the Northumberland County Middle School “Community Problem Solvers.” Under the leadership of Shauna McCranie, Talented and Gifted Student Coordinator, the young problem solvers are leading the push for solar at Northumberland County schools. They presented their proposal to the School Board on January 16.

Hot coffee, lemonade, cookies and other snacks were provided by NAPS members, who greeted audience members at the door and handed them a reusable NAPS grocery bag, along with the symposium program.

NAPS president Mike Ahart welcomed the audience and presented an overview of “Solar Power Basics,” from how photovoltaic solar cells work, to the recent Northumberland County zoning amendments allowing homeowners to install solar “by-right.” “The technology has improved, the costs have come down, and tax credits are still in place, so it’s a great time for residents--and schools--to consider solar,” Ahart said.