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Throwback Thursday: NAPS 1999 Creek Cleanup

Recognize any of these kids? They'd be in their thirties now!

Twenty years ago in May 1999, NAPS conducted its 7th-annual shoreline cleanup day, working closely with Northumberland High School, the Dividing Creek Association, the Bluff Point Community League and the USDA "Earth Team" Program. About 150 workers using 26 boats took advantage of the beautiful day and cleaned up the shorelines of Dividing Creek, Prentice Creek, Jarvis Creek and Lawrence Cove.

Old tires, oil bottles, a bicycle, the bow of a boat, pieces of wood dangerous to boat traffic, and even an old kitchen sink were picked up and deposited in a large dumpster and hauled to a local landfill.

NAPS President Randy Neal, master of ceremonies at the picnic following the cleanup, praised the hard work of all of the people involved, noting that they came to the Ditchley homes of Bud and Sue O'Meara and Pat Ramey from all corners of Northumberland County, as did the cash donations that helped make the day a successful one. Each participant was presented with a commemorative cap. No injuries were reported.

Forty sponsors provided the funding needed. NAPS Co-Chair Mike Harwood gave special thanks to Omega Protein who "provided the purse boats, made a very generous contribution and sent men over to help load the debris into the dumpster." He added that "this. our seventh annual cleanup, is a good example of what this community can accomplish in the spirit of working together to help our beautiful environment."

Guest Speaker Pat Tyrrell, Coordinator for the ten-county Tidewater Resource Conservation and Development Area, provided a very interesting "Enviro-Scape, demonstration of non-point source pollution and its effect on the environment. During her closing remarks, she explained the various watershed partnerships and USDA Earth Team programs available to attack water pollution and asked for volunteers to assist with the work. She echoed the thought that "by working together, local citizens and students can do a great deal to protect the environment."

This cake was the dessert for the work crew. Do you know who decorated it?

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