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Too-Good-to-Throw-Away Shed at Horsehead Has Reopened

The "Too-Good-to-Throw-Away" Shed at the Horsehead trash/recycling site has reopened. It had been closed during the repaving project at the site.

Since 2012, the “Shed” has been serving the community by supporting recycling, lessening the filling of landfills, and providing a means for people to acquire items they need. The project was funded by NAPS with material donations from Allison Hardware, Lillian Lumber, Lowery Concrete, and Omega Protein. Read more about the history of the shed here.

As a reminder, please do NOT leave any of the following items at the shed: Paint, Liquids, TVs, Clothing, Hazardous materials, Mattresses, Toilets, Tires, or Junk. All items must fit INSIDE the shed.

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