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Aharts Awarded Guinness World Record for Epic EV Roadtrip

Steve and Dave Ahart with Guinness World Record Certificate

If you attended the 4th Annual NAPS Earth Day Festival in Heathsville in 2018, you may have met Steve Ahart, the owner of the red Tesla Model 3 all-electric car that was part of the festival's Electric Vehicle (EV) Display. He and his brother, Dave, were getting ready to set off for a long road trip to raise awareness of EVs and raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. They also broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Journey By Electric Vehicle (non-solar) by traveling over 30,000 km. (18,644 mi.).

They set out from Northern Virginia on May 6, 2018, to also break both this record, and another: Attend a full game in every Major League Baseball stadium in less than 30 days. They missed that world record by a week due to several rained-out games.

They also raised almost $10,000 for Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Congratulations to Steve and Dave for proving that all-electric cars aren’t just for commuting – it’s a quiet, fun, comfortable, and less-expensive way to travel long-distances. The trip's website and social media is still active: and @EpicEVRoadtrip on Facebook or Twitter.

(Steve and Dave are brothers with NAPS President Mike Ahart, who helped manage their website and media during the trip.)

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