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Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Solar power is a great way for homeowners to help save the planet and save money. A couple dozen photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can produce enough electricity to run an average home, and system costs continue to fall. A 30% federal tax credit on equipment and installation continues for 2019, then falls to 26% for 2020, 24% for 2021, and then expires completely if not extended or replaced.

Most "solar" homes are tied to the electricity grid, "selling" electricity to the grid during the day when it produced more than the house needs, and "buying" it from the grid at night. A solar panel array properly installed can produce clean energy for 25 years or more with very little maintenance.

Many resources can be found on the internet, including Do-It-Yourself sites. A great place to start is at Solar United Neighbors, a non-profit organization representing the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters.


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