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NAPS Spring Highway Cleanup Clears 15+ Bags of Trash

A crew of 12 volunteers cleared the roadsides and gullies during the Spring 2024 NAPS Highway Cleanup, Sunday, April 7th. Fifteen large bags of trash plus several oversized items were removed from Route 200 between Wicomico Church and Tipers Bridge to be disposed of or recycled.

The NAPS Highway Cleanup was performed by (from left) Bryan Turner, Jr., Mike Ahart, Alice Imbur, Don Imbur, James Scripture, Janice Mahoney, Aylett Sanchez, Shannon Wilkins, Scarlett Brown, Katie Wilkins, Kiery Sanchez, and Martha Tallent.

"We wish there wasn't a need for these trash pickup events," said Mike Ahart of NAPS. "People see all of this trash and might think 'I wouldn't want to live or visit here,' but it's not just an eyesore...wildlife is attracted to it on the roadway which is a safety risk for them and for drivers and passengers. It eventually washes down into our creeks and rivers causing harm to the Bay ecosystem. Please keep your trash and cigarette butts in your vehicle and dispose of it properly, and don't toss it in your open pickup bed thinking it's going to magically stay there until you clean it out."

The Northumberland County Anti-Litter Committee, in its efforts to reduce roadside trash, has launched a “Cover your Load” campaign this Spring to bring attention to the problem of items blowing out of pickup truck beds when not properly secured. Look for more information in the newspapers and social media, including a May 4, 2024 event at the three Northumberland County Waste Disposal sites where free cargo nets will be available in exchange for a pledge to always secure your load.

Join the crew for the next NAPS highway cleanup – contact Alice Imbur at 580-4922 or

Want to adopt a stretch of roadway? Contact Stacy Messenger at 333-7930 or


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