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NAPS Highway Cleanup Clears 15+ Bags of Trash

A crew of 8 volunteers cleared the roadsides and gullies during the Fall 2023 NAPS Highway Cleanup, Sunday, Oct. 8th. Fifteen large bags of trash plus several oversized items were removed from Route 200 between Wicomico Church and Tipers Bridge to be disposed of or recycled.

The NAPS Highway Cleanup was performed by (top photo, from left) Jen Sagan, Mary Martha Stewart, Aylett Sanchez, Janice Mahoney, Alice Imbur, Don Imbur, Mike Ahart, and (photo right) LaVar Rich.

"We had a smaller crew than usual – some of our regulars were busy with Homecoming and other events,” said team leader Alice Imbur, “but we had a very successful cleanup nonetheless.”

Join the crew for the next NAPS highway cleanup – contact Alice Imbur at 580-4922 or

Want to adopt a stretch of roadway? Contact Stacy Messenger at 333-7930 or

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