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NAPS Sponsors Eco-Tour for Fourth Graders

NAPS will be sponsoring an eco-tour learning experience for a group of Northumberland Elementary School fourth graders, arranged by Katie Wilkins, Coordinator of Talented and Gifted Services for Northumberland County Schools.

Students will tour Chesapeake Bay waters aboard Bay Quest – a 43-foot Chesapeake Bay Deadrise captained by David Rowe, a life-long local waterman and expert on Bay ecology. The event is currently scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 26th, 2023.

The Bay Quest serves as a floating classroom where students learn about the Bay ecosystem, key species such as crabs, oysters and fish, and their relationship with the people living and working on the Bay, rivers and creeks.

NAPS has sponsored several of these events in the past, and often there is room on the boat for a few NAPS members. If you’re interested in joining the crew, email For more information on Bay Quest tours and services, visit

Photo: Capt. David Rowe teaches students about Bay ecology during a NAPS-sponsored eco-tour in 2018


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