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NAPS to Hold Annual Meeting During Fall Social – Accepting Nominations for Board Members

NAPS will hold a brief 2023 Annual Meeting during its Fall Social, Sunday, Oct. 29, at the Tavern Meeting Building & grounds in Heathsville.

All NAPS members are welcome to attend the annual meeting even if they do not register for dinner. The annual meeting will be held between dinner and dessert (approximately 6pm). The Fall Social starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm. Those who attend the annual meeting only will be treated to NAPS’ ice cream sundae bar! You may register online for the Fall Social or Annual Meeting only at

NAPS is accepting nominations for Board of Directors seats to be voted on by the membership during the meeting. Please send your nominations via email to, or by phone or message to (local area code)-313-0274. If you cannot attend the meeting or social, you may request to vote via email or phone using the same contacts – we will reply with the names and bios of the candidates.

Hope to see you there!


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