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NAPS Distinguished Citizen Award Winner Parker: Be Prepared to Help

With the theme of his Boy Scouts leadership, Bob Parker accepted the Distinguished Citizen Award of the Northumberland Assn. for Progressive Stewardship (NAPS) during the NAPS Annual Fall Social, Saturday, November 5, at the Bay Quarter Shores Club House. Parker’s theme, however, was helping educate the students in the county.

He acknowledged that with his wife, Patricia, “Everything I do is really something we do.” He pointed out that Patricia originally signed him up to be Cubmaster of Pack 250. But the thrust of his message was their role as educators and the needs of school kids today. According to Patricia Parker, the couple applied for school positions as a package in hopes of working in the same school system.

Referring to their own up-bringing in families dedicated to helping others, Parker said, “As educators, Patricia and I know that not every parent can provide the level of support that we could. We know some parents are working two or three jobs to keep food on the table. Others are caring for other family members and many are raising children without the support of a second parent.”

He commended NAPS for its support as an organization and as volunteers to help students and support teachers and their schools.

“When I see students learning to construct a solar power cell, or working with a drone, I know NAPS is involved. When I walk the nature trails and see the bridges, education boxes, and the outdoor classroom, I know NAPS and its members have been involved. Your dedication to the children of this community is unparalleled in any other small community like ours,” he concluded.

As an educator, Parker has taught math at the public schools and at Rappahannock Community College (RCC). He now heads the administration of the math courses at both RCC schools. As a scout master for over 14 years, Parker helped 22 boys complete Eagle Scout projects in the community. He recently took advantage of a NAPS offer to take his troop on an Eco-Tour on the water to give them personal experience with the Chesapeake Bay environment.

The Chesapeake Bay Garden Club observed Parker’s Boy Scout connection by including references in its floral decorations for the Fall Social. They mounted a Boy Scout uniform complete with a sash-full of merit badges at the entrance door. And all of the flower table decorations had Scout merit badge cards attached.

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