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Help Start a Solar Co-Op for the Northern Neck

Thinking of adding solar to your home? There's never been a better time!

To dovetail on the success of the recently formed Middle Peninsula Solar Co-op (MPSC) residents in the Northern Neck are working on forming their own solar co-op with the help of Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods (VASUN).

Joining a co-op means cost savings. Members get approximately a 15% to 20% bulk-buy discount in addition to a federal tax credit (currently 30%).

Please send an email to Aaron at VASUN to let them know that you are interested in a Northern Neck Solar Co-Op. Check out for more information and to sign up for its newsletter.

Take this opportunity to explore whether adding solar panels will benefit your family and/or business.

Some owners like a back-up battery option, but most go with “net-metering” whereby any extra electricity generated by their panels goes onto the grid and the meter runs backward.

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