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Bill Estell Accepts NAPS Award

In accepting the 2017 NAPS (Northumberland Assn. for Progressive Stewardship) Distinguished Citizen Award on Saturday, October 14, Bill Estell remarked, “In my tenure as NAPS President I presented six of these awards to very special people and never in my wildest dreams thought about receiving one.” The event was the NAPS Annual Social at the Bay Quarter Shores Community Club House in Heathsville, VA.

He went on to say that the award had special meaning because it came from “my NAPS family.” He pointed out that contributions by NAPS in environment, community outreach, and especially educational opportunities are the core values of what NAPS represents.

Estell listed a number of these activities, in effect turning himself from the award winner to an award giver. He mentioned environmental initiatives from the early sea grass plantings and phragmites eradication to the creek clean ups, such as the work on the Little Wicomico, October 1, and highway pick-up teams, taking place October 23.

The educational programs got the most attention. He pointed out that NAPS provided the foundation for developing STEM education in the Northumberland County schools that included Lego STEM, a 120 W solar panel construction, and a quadcopter drone demonstration. In addition, NAPS scholarships are awarded to outstanding graduating students every year.

Finally, Estell lauded the number of school projects that NAPS has helped finance, including the student Eco-Tours by local watermen on the Chesapeake.

“I am very proud of NAPS and all of you who have worked so hard to make these programs possible,” he concluded.

But before leaving he introduced “some important ladies in my life.” “First is Jinny, my wife, life partner and best friend of 63 years – married for nearly 56 of those years,” he said, adding, “In the Northern Neck I am known a Jinny Estell’s husband!”

The second woman in his life is daughter Marti, who was visiting for the week-end from her job in the State Department. For the third woman, Estell introduced, “Cherie Carl, Director of our wonderful library, because the library is another passion of mine.”

He pointed out that Carl will unveil the library’s Tech Mobile at the Heathsville Farmers Market, Saturday, October 21. He also recalled the joint project between NAPS and the library when 200 eclipse-viewing glasses were dispensed in just 13 minutes.

Estell introduced three “important ladies in my ife” from left Northumberland Library Director Cherie Carl, daughter Marti, and wife Jinny.

Estell introduced three “important ladies in my life” from left Northumberland Library Director Cherie Carl, daughter Marti, and wife Jinny.

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