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‘Community Problem Solvers’ Help Push Solar Schools Ahead

For over a year NAPS members have been mentoring the “Community Problem Solvers” Northumberland Middle School student group as it has worked to educate the community on the benefits of solar energy for county schools. After field trips and presentations, its efforts resulted in the school system requesting proposals for installation of solar power.

On Friday Dec. 6, Northumberland County Schools Director of Maintenance & Facilities Mr. Jeff Brann, Maintenance & Facilities Specialist Mike Wallace, Director of Finance Donna Booth, and Superintendent Dr. Holly Wargo visited the group (see photo above and below), coached by Academically Talented & Gifted Coordinator Shauna McCranie. The lively, student-led discussion focused on a recent news article Minnesota District Wins 100% Clean Energy.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the School Board approved the intent to award a solar Purchase Power Agreement under Request for Proposal NCPS 2020-1 to Sun Tribe Solar. Sun Tribe works with Fortune 200 companies to meet their energy needs, partnering with government agencies on innovative installations, working with rural communities as they transition to 21st century energy economies, and helping school districts save money while educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Sun Tribe has installed solar arrays in the following school divisions: Middlesex, King William, Westmoreland, Newport News, Arlington, Powatan, Fairfax, Louisa, Hanover, Henrico, and Virginia Beach.

“I commend Mrs. McCranie and her students for their problem solving work with the NCPS solar project,” stated Dr. Wargo. “As you know, the goal of Community Problem Solving (CmPS) is to bridge the gap between school and the real world. Students involved in CmPS learn powerful lessons about creating change, about dealing with local authorities and organizations, and about making a positive impact. In this case, our (Northumberland Middle School) CmPS students are investigating the benefits of solar for our school division.”

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