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Vision 2048 and Northumberland Middle School

NAPS is planning on putting out another version of its very successful NAPS Stewardship Journal. The previous edition had two articles on climate change and two on Bay ecology written by three of our members for a total of six pages. We are planning on a different approach this time.

We are looking out into the future to year 2048, the 400th anniversary of the founding of Northumberland County, and addressing a series of topics, in each case projecting to 2048, 32 years into the future. We are teaming up with Ms. Shauna McCranie’s 8th grade “Talented and Gifted” students as co-authors in the sections. The plan is for the students to do research on topics and a NAPS mentor to work with them in assembling data and writing up the sections and making the predictions. Some of the sections, including tentative NAPS mentors and the student collaborators, are:

  • Chesapeake Bay (Likely changes in Bay health and impacts by 2048, oysters and crab populations, menhaden landings, changes in rockfish and bluefish and replacements ) Dr. Lynton Land with Shane Bryant and Tom Neale

  • Chesapeake Bay (Changes in bay temperature and acidity and impacts on ecology) Dr. Judy Lang with Shane Bryant, Tom Neale and Grant Biddlecomb

  • Renewable Energy (Changes in sources of power: solar, wind and nuclear and likely impacts on the area) Mr. Lee Allain with Jessica Lee, Madison Garrity, Chase Kitchen, Bay Wiggins and Zach Moore

  • Technology and Artificial Intelligence ( Changes in technology, probable new technology and capabilities and their impact on the NNK population Mr. Lee Allain and Mr. Joe Thompson with Owen Newsome

  • Infrastructure (Changes in roads, bridges, public water supplies, recycling, internet) Ms. Shauna McCranie with Kendra Jett

  • Etc.

The names are preliminary and may change as well as the topic descriptions and content. We are estimating one page per topic and maybe 16 pages total. We are also using Google Docs as a unifying cooperative tool enabling the authors to provide input and edit each other’s work from their own computer. Ms. Shauna McCranie and Dr. Greg Haugan are co-leading this venture.

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