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Mystery at Spring Highway Sweep

The ever-faithful NAPS volunteers cleaned up Route 200 between Wicomico Church and Tipers Bridge on April 18th. It was a lovely day and the weather cooperated.

The mystery was the remains of a campsite discovered by Team 3, Bill Estell, Mike Ahart, and Roger Gruben. Yes, there was a sleeping bag, tent stakes, cooking equipment, a tarp, etc..., strewn along the road. Bill, Mike, and Roger worked up a sweat gathering this mess. We guessed that someone was either a very careless camper or decided never to camp again and discarded the equipment.

Special thanks goes to Susan Christopher who provided coffee and sweets in the fellowship hall of the Episcopal Church before the 10:30 a.m. start. She gave the crew a much-needed sugar surge that got us going.

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