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NNEC Conducting Survey to Determine Local Interest in High-Speed Internet Service

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC) is conducting a survey to determine local interest in high-speed internet service. According to its website, "if enough people complete our survey NNEC is considering assisting a third party who wishes to provide fixed wireless internet at speeds of up to 25 megabits per second, with an unlimited data plan, in NNEC territory.

"Fixed wireless uses a network of towers, base stations and receivers to deliver broadband internet service to end users. Fixed wireless solutions allow fast and affordable broadband internet deployment into rural areas where installing physical cables, like fiber, is prohibitively expensive."

Questions in the survey include:

  • Would you be willing to pay $55.00 monthly for broadband internet service up to 25 megabits per second with an unlimited plan?

  • Would you be willing to pay a $200.00 installation fee if necessary

To complete the survey go to:

Companies that currently provide fixed wireless internet service in parts of the Northern Neck include Virginia Broadband (VABB) and Northern Neck WIreless, but coverage is limited.

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